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Originally Posted by du5566 View Post
The PA's last counter offer to the owners had around 54-55 percent of the revenue going to the players even though the owners made it clear that 50/50 was the only split they are willing to agree to. So why would anyone think that the PA lead by Fehr will not again counter with a revenue split above 50/50?
I fully expect that is what Fehr would intend to do, it is also why the NHL leaked the major details of what they proposed and did so before Fehr would have had time to go through the proposal and relay the contents to the membership. The NHL is providing the details directly to the PA membership in a far more detailed form compared to the past 4 or 5 points of interest in order for the membership to provide internal pressure on leadership. Many seem to be interpreting this as some sort of panic move on the part of the league. I'm interpreting it like Millard seems to be saying...the NHL is putting forth a detailed and essentially complete proposal from which they will really only accept changes that don't go towards the fundamentals of the system to any significant degree (50/50 share, significant contract restrictions). Move the little things around. Ask for a mint on your pillow every night or to be tucked in by the trainer but stop asking for more than 50% and let's stop pretending that a contract less than 8 years is some sort of horrible cross to bear.

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