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Originally Posted by Dado View Post
Again, that is not what was said at the time. At the time, it was stated the PA had been crushed, the owners got what they wanted, and players would never make what they gave up during the lockout.

Wrong on all accounts.

I suspect the vast majority of similar statements being expressed around here this time around will also turn out be completely wrong.
They didn't make that up. A very select few might have. But when you base it off of the average salary, the average player and the average career length, you come up short. Now I'm not sure what the average salary was yearly for each of the 7 years of the last CBA. But it was 1.4 (down from 1.7) at the start, and is 2.4 now we'll say it grew by 143k a year, and that the player renegotiated their contract 4 times for 1 year in length (5 years is the average, and they lost a yr from the lockout).

Year 1 - Lockout - lost 1.4m
Year 2 - earned 1.4m
Year 3 - earned 1.54m
Year 4 - earned 1.68m
Year 5 - earned 1.82m

So where did the average player make up that money during their career? Now those that were getting peanuts before, and now got the league minimum (and thus raises), did better. But those who earned 'big raises' would have received those regardless, so it's hard to say that they made up what they lost.

Please show me 3 players that made up what they lost.

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