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Originally Posted by redbull View Post
I don't think anyone disagrees with Messier being the better player, better career, better leader and no doubting achieving more in the game, injuries notwithstanding.

Lindros was more dominant when he was at his best and more feared. Even though he didn't achieve as much. (not sure if that makes the sense I want it to make but I'm sticking with it, for now)

One thing Mess did far better than Lindros was make those around him better. He was a better team leader and a big reason why he's the legend he is today. Individually, Lindros was bigger, stronger, more feared and could put up goals/assists like Mess though.
No, I know what you are trying to say. It makes sense. But when you use the word "dominance" it combines so many qualities. You can physically dominate, you can intimidate, you can score in bunches, etc. Lindros hit like a Mac Truck and that scared people. Messier was more like Gordie Howe. He scared you sitting on the bench. He scared you when he "wasn't" doing anything. He'd elbow you, he'd spear you and he was downright mean. So was Lindros, but for whatever reason Messier seemed to use it better in the context of a game. There was room Messier had on the ice that a normal player just wouldnt get.

I'll still stick with Messier here. I just never saw him play at the level of a 1990 Messier. In all fairness, Lindros perhaps has his best season in 1996 when he finished 3rd in Hart voting. The guy who finished 2nd at that time was Messier. I am not saying Messier was still that same caliber of player but I think we also tend to romanticize about Lindros a bit. Not saying he wasn't dominant, because he was, and not saying he can't make the HHOF, because he can. But when you compare him to someone like Messier at his best I just think he loses. Messier in 1990 wins the Hart and then he steamrolls through three playoff rounds while playing still good in the final. I got to hand it to Mess here, he was more dominant at his best and when the stakes were high he delivered.

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