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Originally Posted by Buffalo87 View Post
If you're accusing me of arguing semantics, are you not doing the same thing? I don't consider a guy losing the puck and it sliding to the net to be a guy carrying the puck to the front, you do. Semantics I suppose.

Regardless, good players beat other good players sometimes. That's how I see it, I don't see a glaring error from Jones. I see him pushing the player wide, that player made a good play to get to the net. Every time a good player makes a good play, it doesn't mean it's an error by the other player. There's a reason that kid that beat him is also supposed to go in the top 10 of this draft.

To me the mistake was Nichushkin blowing through four players (not just Jones) and two guys standing in front not picking up the puck or the trailing man. But the player everybody notices in the highlight is Jones so he will take the blame.
You keep saying Jones pushed the Russian player wide when its fairly obvious he didn't. They meet up near the face-off dot and the Russian player blows past him and ends up in front of the net. At no point was the Russian player forced anywhere by Jones. If he had actually forced the Russian player wide he wouldnt have been in front of the net. Jones got caught flat footed.

That said the goal was due to multiple break downs and bad plays by American players. It starts and ends with Reilly, Jones' d-partner. First he does nothing but waive his stick at the Russian forward near the red line because he got caught flatfooted. That leaves him (#6) behind the play in the neutral zone and breaks down the coverage for the Americans. Then a forward (#26) just lamely waves a stick at the the Russian forward. He frankly made no attempt to stop him but his line mate (#25) does by hustling across and attempting a poke check before stumbling. THAT effort forced the Russian forward to the outside and prevents him from cutting to the middle at that point. Then it gets to Jones and the Russian forward walks around him and ends up in front of the net but loses the puck.

Then the worst of it all, Reilly doesn't hustle back like he should AND he picks no one up. Reilly was right there gliding behind the eventual goal scorer for about 10ft and did nothing. If anyone deserves a flogging its Reilly.

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