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12-28-2012, 04:25 PM
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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
HF at WJC time turns into an absolute ****show in terms of getting a fair read on a player. It's all over the map. One bad game and people are ready to dump all over a guy they were raving about just pages earlier. Case in point - people were drooling over Jones before Nichushkin fed him his lunch. Now Jones is "Erik Johnson at best" and Nichushkin could challenge for 1st overall (I didn't make either of those up - both are from posts I've read in various threads today).

If you think Gally got it bad, check out the opinions tossed around about Yakupov and Barkov. Yakupov is "more of a Zherdev/Filatov type" and Barkov could fall out of the top ten. Again, both opinions I've actually seen other people post.

The problem is people finally get to see one or two games from players they've heard so much about, and if it doesn't live up to their expectations - well then the book is closed on that player.
That's because Gord Miller didn't help when he said on TSN that "if you didn't know who Nichuschkin is, now you know there's a new candidate for the top spot in the draft" Come on...

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