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12-28-2012, 04:27 PM
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Originally Posted by boredmale View Post
I said this many times before but the Islanders are a team that struggles to reach the cap min, I don't see them willingly paying a guy not to play and not have it count against the cap. It's more likely if they do buy him out they will buy him out in a period it does count towards the cap
Except you left out the fact that Streit, Hamonic, and Bailey are due new contracts at the end of the year and Andrew MacDonald is due a big payraise in 2014. Also with the future set in stone for the Isles, I expect them to attract bigger free agents and not settle for the Marty Reasoners and Mark Eatons of the UFA market.

They would be stupid to not get DiPi's contract off the books without it counting towards the cap. What happens where were are gonna' have to pay the talent that we spent so many years developing and waiting for?

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