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12-28-2012, 03:35 PM
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Originally Posted by BradD View Post
I took out 5 teams and added one in Seattle. I don't think you could make it 20. 30 teams, take out 10 minus 6. 4 extra teams. So all these teams would be cut:

New York Islanders
San Jose
Other then Tampa you basically have no presence in the South East(and most of the south in general besides LA). Add to that Minnesota is as much hockey country as you can get, you want a team there to try push as many people to take up hockey as possible and make future US stars(look at the amount of top US players that were born there). It's almost an insult that the league can't have a team in the state that hockey is a big deal.

I should also add why would you get rid of Florida and not Tampa. Given the 2 markets both teams are in I would put my money on Miami over Tampa(the only reason Tamap is doing better is they have a little better luck that when they suck they seem to do it at the right time(ie Vinny and Stamkos))

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