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Originally Posted by boredmale View Post

I am just going on the idea all things being equal, I would rather invest in Miami then Tampa
I definitley think Florida has alot of upside if they play their cards correct. I would give them a couple more years if I decided to officially cut off any teams. If they can actually start drafting well and get some big name leaders and stars I could see them becoming valid. That being said, I put them on the list because I don't believe they will. They have stuck with Tomas Fleischmann as their team leader. I mean, really, Fleischmann.

Markets that have smaller success need a big name star to help them succeed. For Columbus it was Nash, but they never built around him. For Tampa Bay it was Lecavalier. For Washington it was Bondra and Ovechkin.

Places like Washington and Pittsburgh went out and drafted huge name players and revived their franchises. Tampa was on the edge of losing their fanbase as all their players are getting up there in age. Dallas is/was on the same pattern after Modano is gone and now Richards is gone. Now they are dealing away players and hiring older guys to make up for it. Now that Tampa has Stamkos, they can start building around him again.

Florida needs to get a big name guy fast. Columbus I feel it might be too late.

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