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Originally Posted by Rosso Scuderia View Post
You think it would really make a difference if they started talking a year ago?

IMO, Bettman and the owners wanted a lock-out no matter what. It's their best negotiation weapon. They would still be the big winners in the end and as sad as it is, its even good for some teams that there's no hockey.
If it's good for some teams there's no hockey then why say a lockout is a bad thing when its clearly needed?

Originally Posted by uiCk View Post
Sure. just like the agreement could have been finalized over the summer. Obviously neither side was desperate to make a move.

And IMO, even if they would of started to negotiate, 1 year ago, NHL would of started with the same aggressive offer they made (47/53 ?) and would of not budged until time was an issue, and we would of been in same position we are now.

There is just NO WAY, PA would of accepted a pay cut comparatively to their old CBA, and NHL knows it, and knew they had to lock em out to make them feel the pressure and take a paycut. Owners knew they were going to lock out, and were well prepared for it. But im sure bettman promised the owners that the lock out wouldn't last long, and that they would get a condensed 82 game season, which seemed like the plan up until November. PA didn't bite. In terms of negotiating skills, good for them, i don't blame them, and PA has been reading the NHL correctly and making the proper moves to minimize the impact on the future CBA.
You're speculating. Still, it's reasonable but for all we know a deal may have been made or they would've been at least closer. I highly doubt NHL starts with the same offer if they werent applying pressure last minute. It would've been more civil IMO.

Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
The issue is he's only useful as a top-6 winger. You talk about "20 goals", but he's not scoring that from the Eller line, and he's probably not scoring that from the Plekanec shutdown line. He can only score that from the Desharnais line as our team is currently structured, and there are other players who can do that better: Pacioretty, Cole, and soon, Galchenyuk.

Like I said, re-evaluate at the end of the season.
He had 27 goals from 1st line in calgary. It's not unreasonable to say he's a serviceable top 9 forward.

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