Thread: Speculation: Devils Financial Situation
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12-28-2012, 04:31 PM
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Originally Posted by NJDevs26 View Post
I don't know why people always assume that Canadian buyers want to move the team? Especially when it would cost a bagillion dollars to get out of the TV/arena contracts with like two decades left on them, and they likely wouldn't get a TV deal anywhere near what Dolan pays out in their new market.
I get worried about the team moving in general.. At least with Jeff he's a fan with some ties to the team and state, not some businessman only concerned with his own financial success.. I don't know many billionaires from NJ who could buy the team

I mean, in 2 decades when the TV deal and arena lease are up, we'll need an owner committed to keeping us here.. We'll need massive TV deal, and Dolan losing subscribers now that FiOS and Comcast have taken away his HD monopoly can't be good.. We'll also need to see how resilient the fan base is, as we haven't had a stretch of poor seasons in over 20 years and attendance hasn't been amazing during success.. Our market already has 2 other teams in it playing in NYC.. Just worries the crap out of me which sucks because we're so many years away from ever getting any certainty on this

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