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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Well, the difference is those are more or less the things that Esposito actually did on the context of an NHL ice surface year in and year out. The stats, the eyewitness accounts, the voters, etc. show that he was the best forward from an individual point by a decent margin. Orr just elevated that even more, and he should, right?

If you read Esposito's book he talks about being ticked off getting hurt during the 1973 playoffs. He went into 1973-'74 on a mission. Overall this was a season where he scored more goals and and points than any other year other than 1971. The Bruins were 1st overall. The top 4 scorers in the NHL (like 1971) were Bruins. He outpointed Orr by 23 points. He had 68 goals and had 50 even strength goals. It is easy to see that Orr couldn't have been on the ice for all of those goals. Maybe half? That being said this is a token year that should eliminate any Esposito critics that he couldn't do it himself. Check out the Hart voting:

Esposito - 149 votes
Parent - 114
Orr - 73

We are talking about a set of voters who had just witnessed this particular season. Esposito wasn't more popular with the press than Orr, he would have been just as recycled with award wins in recent years as Orr which eliminates any jaded feeling the voters would have had with Orr, therefore favouring Esposito. So is it just possible that Esposito was just that good on his own that the voters felt he was the most valuable player that year? In my opinion, it is, and I can't see why not.
speaking of recycling.....

I told you I was done with that subject matter. You refuse to accept some very fundamental points that make further meaningful discussion impossible. I already conceded this one to the hockey authority.

My only point now is, you claim to have a "beef" with people who "claim to have otherworldly powers to describe the player Esposito would have been had he not played with Orr" but as I've shown you, that describes you perfectly, so... bark up another tree, please.

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