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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post

Would you have been happier if the PA just came right out and said "we have nothing whatsoever to gain and a lot more to lose by accepting an early deal, so we are going to use the only leverage we have, which is severely damaging the NHL through lost revenues, sponsorship deals, and fan support, until they give us the best deal they can without losing a full season"?

Would you also have been happier if the NHL just came right out and said "although we are the ones who canceled an entire NHL season to force the last deal through, we are going to force the players to accept massive concessions in salary and contract term and withhold their pay until they finally give in because they have more to lose by not playing"?

Because that's pretty much been the intent of each side since the beginning.
I would have been happier if they both cut the ****, there is zero reason why the last offer NHL made before this one couldn't have been made in september.

NHL was ridiculous to expect players to foot the bill for the new CBA split, PA was equality ridiculous in their tactics.

however long the next CBA is won't be long enough, we're going to go through this **** again.

I still believe that NHL's key hog in this barn is 50/50 split, i think that had the PA been serious at any point before the season was lost that NHL would have absorbed any losses in the transition to that point,

also this whole idea that the players got bent over last time and thus had to make a stand to not let it happen again is stupid. when a dumb**** like Bissonete has a job paying him what he is making there is no way payers lost.

point still stands, at some point not to long ago NHL began looking for a solution and the players stuck a thumb up their ass and said we'll wait till you give more. so yeah the players can go **** themselves.

Jaric you can sit here and defend their strategy all you want, but at some point that 'say no" went plain too far, i'm no fool i see that NHL has their share of blame here, however recent events have shown one side was willing a month ago the other not, we could have had hockey a month ago but thanks to ego we didn't.

in the end people that will suffer the most are the those who have bars, shops, and blue collar workers, followed by the fans, followed by the grinders. In the end recent PA events will cost them all if fans don't come back, they took this game too far, to me it was like the name callings contest two kids have, stars off with you fool, you sucker and when the one kid drops the one insult that goes over the line you know you have gone too far, except the PA just cruised past that line and decided to step on the gas.

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