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Originally Posted by Habsfan18 View Post
In a KHL thread at the OOTP forum, Sebastian posted the following:

It's amazing that they are listening to the community and to those that will purchase the game, to help shape the game. That's great to see. The devs are apparently also listening closely to the researchers/testers (some are from EHM The Blueline, such as Archibalduk) and looking for their opinions.

There's no doubt in my mind, we're going to have an incredible hockey management sim on our hands here.

This is going to blow NHL EHM 07 out of the water...and believe me, I've put way more hours into that game than I'm comfortable saying. Hell, my main file I'm currently around 60 years in.

Just think about the possibilities here. NHL, AHL, KHL, SEL, ECHL, OHL, WHL, QMJHL, DEL all playable...and the developers have noted that the only reason there is no playable SM-Liiga yet is because that league doesn't have a head researcher. I'm sure they will be able to find someone to do it. Nearly 100 leagues (I assume NCAA will be included) will be non-playable but will be stocked with real players.

Basically everything will be editable - from logos to colors to data to league rules. The fact that we can add, delete, and move teams whenever the hell we want is amazing. And can you say EXPANSION DRAFTS? Hell yes. They game will even give us an option for a fantasy draft at start up.

The game appears to use the same article/news system as the OOTP games, which is fantastic.

And my favorite...historical mode. Just think of the possibilities. They are practically endless. Pick a year and start from there. Depending on which you chose during setup, players will either appear on their actual teams during their rookie seasons, or they will become eligible for the entry draft/free agency at the correct time. As long as a player has played in 1 career NHL game (or WHA), he will appear in the database. Jeff has stated that if time permits, he will even include some notable 1st round draft busts who never made it to the show.

I only have 2 complaints so far, and it doesn't even really bother me considering how amazing everything else sounds:

1. No international tournaments - WJC, Olympics, World Championships etc...

2. No minor leagues for historical mode - Players sent to the minors/juniors will instead be sent to a "reserve" list where they will still progress, but no actual stats will be accumulated.

Let me just say, I am ridiculously excited by the potential this game has in store for true hockey management fans. I just hope people buy and support the game.
About historical mode...that will be only for NHL or ? I would like to play with CSKA from 80-s...

EDIT: ****, I didn't read it carefully

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