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Originally Posted by JmanWingsFan View Post
Except the players are going to fight tooth and nail to prevent salary rollbacks that would make this cap more plausible. Here, let me show you the mess this is going to make. Let's start with the San Jose Sharks

The Sharks currently have a cap hit of $65 Million. After all their free agents depart this year they will have $56 Million cap hit and approximately $4 million to fill their needs which include but are not limited to:

-2nd Line RW
-3rd Line C
-3rd Line RF
-17th forward on the bench
-7th Defenseman
-Backup Goaltender

Sure, they could buyout one of their very expensive core pieces that play an important roll on their team (Marleau, Thornton, Pavelski, Boyle, and Burns), but that leaves too big a hole to fill and sets them back big time. Even if they renegotiate a cheaper contract, they're much likely to look inward first to fill these needs on cheap league minimum contracts (I heard League Minimum was going up as well...) Yeah, the Sharks are kind of screwed and won't even think about free agency as they fight to construct a whole roster that can fit under the cap.

Let's look at the Bruins...
They have $68 Million in total cap hit committed this year. Once all their free agents depart, the total cap payroll will be about $53 Million assuming they use their free buyout on Marc Savard and will have $8 Million to spend... They need:

-2nd Line RW
-6th Defender
-16th and 17th forwards on the bench

Assuming you want some cap space to allow wiggle room, they're likely to roll with Jared (Jordan? please forgive me if I messed his name up) Knight and sign some 4th line plugs for their bench...

Here is the situation for the Chicago Blackhawks:
They have a $64 million cap payroll. With FAs departing, they will have $59 Million cap payroll, and depending on how you look at it, they'll need

-2/3rds of a second line
-Back Goaltender

Someone important is going to get cut, and even then, the Hawks will have to roll with Brandon Saad and some other cheap prospect as they will not have any room to sign a FA

Minnesota Wild:
Will have $55 Million to spend after FAs leave. If Harding can't play anymore, then they need a goaltending duo with Hacket likely the starter. It's buh-bye Backstrom and Pierre Buchard as the Wild will have to plug in important holes with their prospects as they don't have any money to spend on FAs

Buffalo Sabres:
Will have $49.5 Million assuming Leino is bought out to spend with FA departure and . They need 2 defensemen and a 2nd Line LW. They probably roll with Grigorenko as a center giving them four centers, and Foligno gives them four LWers. They could sign 2 Dmen @3.5 Million each giving them a cap payroll of $56 million with a little wiggle room.

Other teams with similar situations where they will be forced to find cheap plugs in order to have a full 23 man roster include, but are not limited to:

-Calgary Flames
-Philadelphia Flyers
-Detroit Red Wings
-Los Angeles Kings
-Motreal Canadiens
-Toronto Maple Leafs
-New York Rangers
-Pittsburgh Penguins
-Tampa Bay Lightning
-Vancouver Canucks
-Washington Capitals

We're talking 16 teams (a tick over half the league) that will be having roster crunches or issues. The rest of the teams either have a bunch of roster spaces to fill (New Jersey, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Anaheim) and will probably resign what they have already, or are teams that traditionally aren't very good (New York Islanders, Florida Panthers), or don't spend money period and have pretty filled rosters as is (Colorado, Dallas, St. Louis)...

Do you get my point now? This is a serious problem that's going to screw all the good teams for no reason whatsoever. This cap hit is bad news.
How does the make whole piece factor into this? Is it only contracts for this year or can it be used as a cushion for next year as well? If it can be used against some of next years, given the cap number this year, then it should remove some pressure.
or do I completely mis-understand the make whole principle?

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