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12-28-2012, 06:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Melrose Munch View Post
This will be the only way to make the media forget the lockout. It gives the appearance of growth and of course introduce new people into the game. Besides we can't turn back now and if the players lose this would be nice compensation. I don't want to do this but it's beyond obviously

I think we need to go to 36

Quebec City
San Antonio**
Hamilton, ON

* We need to go back to Atlanta. It's the capital of the south. Enough said.

** San Antonio is a fast growing city in the southwest with money and can bring in the parts of the southwest

Houston is self explanatory.
Where do you propose the NHL plays in at seeing as the only reasonable venue is owned and managed by the same group who could not wash their hands of the thrash fast enough?

The NHL needs Atlanta only in so much as they are willing to pursue the fools errand of the national (us) TV contract. We've been down this road before, the plan of shoring up the current weak sisters by bringing in even weaker sisters does not do anything to strengthen the teams currently struggling.

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