Thread: Proposal: Mark Scheifele for Phil Kessel
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12-28-2012, 06:42 PM
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Mark Scheifele for Phil Kessel

I'm not going to pretend I know what Winnipeg needs, but I know what the Leafs need. Let's take a look at this potential deal up close by comparing the two main pieces.

Mark Scheifele is a 6'3 centre who brings size and skill to the table, something they obviously seem to lack in Winnipeg's prospect pool. He utilizes a combination of size, speed, smarts, skill, and vision. Playing against the best centers in the OHL every game, he seems to be learning quickly. Although playing in a losing environment on his current team, he most definitely is putting up some nice numbers.

Phil Kessel on the other hand, is proven. We all know this. Kessel is a marvel to watch. He combines dazzling moves with excellent hockey sense, tremendous poise and confidence with the puck, a tireless work ethic, and a very professional approach to the game. Kessel is a player who can make those around him better and has the ability to make things happen. His excellent hockey sense can assure you he won't be caught in the wrong position enabling him to be the recipient of a big, injuring hit (Hello 70-82 game seasons for the club). One attribute that immediately jumps out about Kessel is his extraordinary skating ability. His explosive speed and effortless strides are what set him apart from just about every other player in the nation. Another characteristic that makes Kessel such a highly-regarded player is the way he thinks the game. He is immensely smart and contains great vision. He has shown that he can read and anticipate plays quite well. Furthermore, he is very good at finding open spaces on the ice, knows just where the developing play is going, and where he needs to be.

Usually lost in this solely "high offensive firepower shooter" from mostly other peoples perspective, is his passing ability. He is a superb and extremely creative playmaker. He makes outstanding tape-to-tape passes and has little trouble finding open passing lanes. He has also demonstrated a keen sense of making the right decisions with the puck.

Fortunately for me, I don't put as much weight in the proven section as most would, I understand players by watching them, reading their personality types and whether or not the young prospect being targeted will thrive and learn to fulfill his draft pedigree. I truly believe Mark will.

On another note, I don't believe he will ever surpass Kessel's point totals. I look at the overall grand theme of things, the team. The Leafs need a centre of his caliber more than Kessel's elite offensive play on the wing. It's what I believe would benefit us with wins in the long run through overall team Chemistry.

And so, Winnipeg Jets GM's, I ask you, what are your thoughts on this proposal:

Mark Scheifele
2nd round draft pick 2013
1st round draft pick 2014


Phil Kessel

Keep in mind I put some EFFORT in, please do the same if you'd like to reply.

Keep in mind, I am weighing heavily on perry joining us.

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