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12-28-2012, 06:55 PM
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Originally Posted by dklap3 View Post
Very much so, it is already prepared for a rink with pipes in the floor. Basicly they just need to add a cooling device.

The dimensions are also fine for a rink, actually close to perfect. It's a little bit too big for handball, but an ice rink would fit perfectly.

Here's a photo of mine with Boxen in handball mode:

...but as Tobias wrote, a KHL team here is not going to happen. Just as it is also way too big for Herning Blue Fox to play any regular games there.

Only way I see it as a regular home to a hockey team, is if Denmark had two teams in a Nordic League, and this was home to a team for all of "Western Denmark" or something like that. But that's probably unlikely to happen too.
In this case, I'd love to see a match being played there, but it would take a really big name to come play in order to fill that place, someone who might actually draw people from northern Germany or Sweden as well... unfortunately.

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