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12-28-2012, 07:06 PM
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Originally Posted by J17 Vs Proclamation View Post
Enough of this crap.

A few of us have said we don't like his personality much. We've also stated numerous times that has nothing to do with how he develops on the ice.

Grimaldi didn't have a particularly good game. He is an interesting prospects with some flaws. We shall see how it develops.

Rather than this tedious, unintelligent "let the haters hate" mentality that seems to surface anytime people don't fall in line with the idealic romantic concept of glorious Panther propety, can you develop a brain please? You're calling him by his first name, using the word haters and say we have an agenda or bias?
Perfect example of hating on someone because they disagree with you. All of a sudden my thoughts are unintelligent because I've pointed out what the obvious, that you're a rocco hater. If that term bothers you then please select another with the same meaning and I'll be glad to use it, it makes no difference to me. But the bottom line is that a good portion of this board hates Rocco solely because of his religious beliefs. If he were an outspoken atheist then no one would give two ***** about what he said.

Your last paragraph makes no sense whatsoever. I wasn't criticizing the Rocco haters because they "dont fall in line with the idealic romantic concept of glorious Panther propety [sic]", whatever the hell that means. I criticize them because they don't give a **** about the moral character of the other prospects, good, bad, or ugly. If Rocco were knocking up chicks and abandoning his illegitimate children all over the state, no one would care. But they are quick to criticize a young man who has a strong Christian belief and is vocal with the limited amount of fame he has.

Then when asked why you dislike him you say "From his tie, to his judgemental [sic] religious views expressed at times. The tweet also annoys me, but i can't exactly explain why via text." Now he is judgmental because he takes a stance on what is right and what is wrong? If he said anyone who opposes gay marriage is bad, no one would give a damn. But if he says gay marriage is bad then he is judgmental? BS. Why is free speech only ok when you agree with the message? Why not just admit that you hate him because of his outspokenness on his beliefs? If you want to deny your bias, so be it. But it comes across so clearly that you just look foolish in doing so.

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