Thread: Proposal: Mark Scheifele for Phil Kessel
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12-28-2012, 07:58 PM
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As a Habs fan I have to tell you that the deal sucks for the Leafs. Kessel is a far better and proven talent than Scheifele, which is no insult to Scheifele. THe Leafs would definitely ask for something better to be added. It would have to be something around Scheifele, a 1st in 2013 and a 2nd as well. The problem is that the Jets NEED Scheifele because of their center weakness. So, in a swap like you describe, the Jets say "yes" and laugh at the Leafs (as would the rest of the entire planet). In the real world, the Leafs ask for the package that is fair value (see what I posted above) and the Jets politely decline due to their own needs for a center.

You shouldn't get so offended when people are telling you that your proposal is trash for the Leafs. Those people are trying to help you see that there is value in your player, they are not necessarily insulting you. Scheifele is a very good prospect. He may or may not pan out. Kessel is a proven goal scorer on a bad team. Keep Kessel and go sign Getzlaff instead of Perry. THAT would help the Leafs far more than what you are proposing to do.

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