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12-28-2012, 08:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Everlong View Post
I remember when Vernon Wells came back as an Angel for the 1st time. Such a nice person, you couldn't not give him a standing O when he came to the plate for the first time. VERY first pitch in the at-bat, BOOM, straight center field. Everyone in the stands had a smile on their face. Hilarious. And that would be the last home run he would ever hit lol.
I've since warmed up to the idea of giving former members of the team their due. Not just cause of Matsui, but in general, the 2009 title calmed me down quite a bit.

I used to be so much more of a vile, jaded fan. I saw four titles from '96-'00 but I was born in '91. They're just not the same when you're a little kid. As I grew and started to understand the game more and appreciate what those championships meant I wanted nothing more than to have "my own" championship as I called it. Then came 8 years of playoff failure, so I felt a little snakebit and I hated everything

This was a good time for me. 2009 was finally "my" championship and it was like a monkey off my back. Now I'm less high strung and appreciate the little things more (like division titles and such), and I get more out of the regular season these days.

This was like the culmination of that transformation for me, so it's a big moment. I certainly understand it now, so I can definitely understand showing Vernon some love. He was a great Jay.

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