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Originally Posted by me2 View Post
Hammer, while I'm not a fan I don't think sign and trade isn't a bad thing. it allows teams to retain their own talent (good for poorer markets) or I'd the poorer markets are set to lose a player anyway they might be able to sneak a draft pick or two out of it.

6/7 is a good compromise. 1 year isn't enough leverage to force a player to stay.
It's not good for 'buyer' teams like the Canucks, this is about throwing a bone to the struggling southern markets. In order to get the player the extra year he wants, they have to send something back in a sign-and-trade deal. The only way prime UFA's would sign the 6 year deal is if their previous team doesn't play ball on a sign-and-trade deal. The agents will pressure the new team to work out sign-and-trade deals to get that 7th year. UFA players have already paid their dues to their draft team by taking below market value under the RFA system for their prime years. IMO these players should truly be 'unrestricted' and allowed to find their full value on the open market. There shouldn't be a competitive advantage to any team to retain them, and no cost other than $ to acquire them.

Another thing that bothers me, why is 48 games the magic drop-dead number? From a balanced schedule standpoint, the math doesn't add up. 94-95 there was only 26 teams, not 30.

Assuming they slash cross-conference games, each team has 10 opponents in conference but not in division, and 4 divisional opponents. The only way 48 works out evenly is if a team plays 4 games in conference, and only 2 in division. They could play 2 in conference, 20 games, and 6 in division, 24 games. That's 44 games and a well balanced schedule. They could even go down to 4 in division for a 36 game schedule.

I don't see what integrity of competition the NHL is protecting by pushing for a 48 game slate. The playoffs are when the teams make their money anyway, the regular season is when the players make their money. Why is the NHL so adamant about a 48 game schedule? If anyone should be worried about maxing out regular season games, it's the NHLPA.

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