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12-28-2012, 09:15 PM
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Originally Posted by jmelm View Post

But in Morrow's cae... Morrow's case: as was stated explicitly by Botteril in the PG article: the biggest thing for Joe Morrow is to develop and learn the DEFENSIVE side of the game, so he is not a liability for our team (whether that's WBS or the big Pens). The best thing for Joe, and the best way for him to learn that, is to work on these things again and again and again, and getting big minutes in all different types of situations is >>> than getting sheltered minutes playing in primarily only offensive situations here.

The latter would stunt his overall development (even if you think it would be good for the team or his offensive game, which neither I nor the Pens brass seem to agree with), it would not be best for his overall game or for the long-term picture. Sure, perhaps Goligoski could have helped us offensively if he played in the NHL right away, but his overall game was helped tremendously by spending time in the AHL. And if your justification is that it help Morrow adjust to stronger, faster players, you need to realize that there is already a BIG jump from the WHL to the AHL in terms of the quality of the competition -- especially this season.

Furthermore, in terms of "helping the big club", having Joe Morrow on our roster would pretty much necessitate trading or waiving BOTH of Bortuzzo and Strait, as opposed to just the latter, which I think would be a big mistake. Bortuzzo is a guy who I believe has a long-term future with this club and is clearly ready to make the jump. It would also preclude a guy like Despres from making the jump if he is clearly ready, and it's not going to do these guys or the team any good, short-term or long-term, by having any of these guys sitting in the press box.

You can continue to make your argument all you want, but regardless of whether you or others think you're right or wrong, it's EXTREMELY clear how the Pens brass themselves feel, and that's what counts. What's implicit in all your statements is that you are more right than them, when in fact they are more right than anyone on this forum.
You have zero clue what the Pen's brass feel is best for Morrow based on an isolated quote.

They had no problems keeping up Despres last season, despite all of the same rhetoric you spewed about him not being ready last season. The people who said he could play in the NHL last season were right, you were wrong. If you can't admit that, not my deal.

I can rip up your opinion about Harrington being NHL ready next season, but unlike you, I assume anything can happen with a young kid. However, Harrington isn't strong enough to play in the NHL next year and I'm sure the Pens decision makers will feel the same. They obviously know more than you, right? It is quite obvious when you watch him play (except to you), despite the fact he is becoming an outstanding prospect.

And for about the eleventh time, Morrow won't see NHL ice this year because of more deserving players ahead of him, not because he can't handle those minutes.

I have zero problems with outstanding depth keeping Morrow in the A for now.

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