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12-28-2012, 09:26 PM
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Originally Posted by slocal View Post
What the...I don't even...

Isn't it just the most annoying, passive aggressive thing? I know it's just garbage, but it's like they're pooping on your lawn, in front of your face.

We say the same about our neighbor. She's a single woman and manages to fill up her container all the time. It's the same size as ours. We only get ours to about 2/3 full and half of that is cat litter. We recycle and compost everything else. I figure she must eat out a lot and not be too concerned with recycling.

Good news: Chrissy volunteered to bring it up to the neighbor. She's just going to ask if she knows who keeps using our can. We'll see how the neighbor responds. Moment of truth.
So you're going to let her fight your battles for you? How long before we can expect her to handle your mod duties on here too?


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