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12-28-2012, 09:45 PM
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I find bap not to .....fullfilling really, theres no exciting games it feels the same game after game. being able to watch your teammates fight someone after a hit or just tempers flarring.,or what about the computer calling a fight against you its always me calling for a fight .I find the facewashing when calling for a fight is sutible after the play but when im skating down the ice with my target in front of me I should give him a tap on his pants/leg telling the guy you want to fight not a
facewash. Also make the rival games more physical (Toronto vs Ottawa / Montreal vs Boston) should be more wild not the same pace the last game was. Would be nice if the computer would pass it around in the offensive zone more.

What is up with the first person fighting!! I swear nhl 99 had better fighting. what Id like to see is the 2k fighting would be a CHANGE or back to that meter fighting from 08 I think it was ???. Also I like how in the games between whistles it shows whos the leading scorer and it shows how many points they have would be nice if they showed the tough guy of the team showing how many career hits an fights youve had that kind of thing an how many hits/fights hes had this game. give the tough guys some credit. Would be pretty sweet if after a fight you won you try to spark up the crowd an team like Chris Neil.

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