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12-28-2012, 09:46 PM
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Originally Posted by vokiel View Post
So you can state that Sortini, Hagel, Chaput & Fortier taking significant ice time and some on the PP even is part of decent prospect development? I'm still in doubt. Tonight we had better than this I admit. Finally Leblanc got some significant ice time, but he's still no where near a decent PP. You can chalk this on his injury if you want, but quite frankly having Avtsin a healthy scratch at the same time is weird. How can he get decent ice time while being a healthy scratch for the majority of all games we've seen?

And a new question. I understand the logic in having Sortini and Hagel in the lineup, I'm not even going to debate that, but why are they on the same stinking line all the time? Is that part of some development strategy? Are they going to tag team the chaps they fight?
Development and progression are more based on concepts and planning and cannot be evaluated by the questions you ask. Stop looking at the micro and try to see the big picture.

I am not in the dressing room or on the daily conference calls with Lefebvre and the player development personnel. I assume there are reasons for the present utilization of the assets.

For example, take Leblanc. It is common fact that high ankle sprains take a long time to heal totally. You can play, but you are not 100%. Therefore, it is highly feasible that the Habs brass has decided to gradually increase Louis' ice time. Every game he seems to be getting more ice time, more PP time and better line mates. Don't think for a minute that Lefebvre has free reign as to how to utilize players.

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