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12-28-2012, 10:11 PM
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My thoughts:

I keep saying this and it's highly possible that I could be entirely wrong (I'm no coach or GM, for sure) but... Split Redmond and Postma on the PP and place them on their off-handed side. They both are strongest when they are the primary shooters. Pair one with Meech on the primary and the other with O'Neil on the secondary. O'Neil and Meech are good enough to take distributer/setup/secondaryshooter roles. I think this will help the PP and may even cure it.

Nice to have Cormier and O'Dell in the lineup. They're still rusty though, but hopefully they can come back to form soon.

Hopefully Burmistrov and King can get healed up quick too so they can start getting it together and clicking with the rest of the top6. Same with Albert and Trambley for bottom6 and Melchiori for bottom pair.

Sol seems to be a non-liability for an AHL bottom pairing, but he is still noticably the weakest of the 3 from the same birth year (Melchiori, Chiarot and Sol). Interesting that the one with the highest potential is the one with the late bday (thus one draft later). Those three fought for the final 2 spots on this IceCaps roster and most likely will be fighting each other (with Yuen) for the Jets #6/7 spots in the future. I would be surprised at this point if Sol ever wins that spot. His accomplishments are a full year behind Chiarot and 2 behind Melchiori in my mind. My guess is in the future (if they fight for #6 + 7 on the Jets) Yuen and Melchiori win them pretty cleanly with Chiarot as the main call up guy. And that's without thinking of RH competition for the #7 spot (Redmond, Postma and blackhorse Saponari) or the older O'Neil or the possibility of new prospects via draft/trade.

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