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Originally Posted by Machinehead View Post
Yeah but you forget, the Rangers aren't allowed to have 2-way defensemen according to HF.

McDonagh and Girardi are both black holes offensively who can't skate, can't shoot, can't pass, and have no hands. Matter of fact they can barely hold a stick. They are so unskilled in fact that they may be considered imbeciles by the dictionary definition. Hockey skills? They don't even have motor skills.

All these guys know how to do is smash forwards with their powerful fists and eat raw meat. Tortorella has to keep a shock color on them at all times to prevent them from eating Ryan Callahan. There's still room for development though. Rumor has it we're trying to teach McDonagh how to speak. And Girardi has made great strides in potty training.

But even if they end up being monkeys their whole careers, they're still great shutdown D-men who are black holes offensively. Which is what they are now, just ask HFBoards.
Does a Straw man live in a Straw house? I see less straw on my friends horse farm really.

Del Zotto is far and away the most gifted offensive Dman on the Rangers.

Torts wants to collapse the net and play his big block shot defenders all night and hope they and Lundqvist (who is awesome) hold the fort and they score on the counter.

Let's face reality here though Girardi isn't logging the huge minutes as the next coming of Bobby Orr either here.

Heck I would hate to imagine waht Torts would do to Orr's game.

Guy (Girardi) is averaging what 28 points a year over last 5 years from back end?

At some point you have a really big sample size and need to call it quits on the offensive skill here and move on to other realities.

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