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12-28-2012, 10:22 PM
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I would have to think a top 10 list would be multiple different things.

Is he a top 10-20 wrestler in terms of drawing/being a star/kayfabe success/etc? Absolutely. Not even close. He's top 10 for me. In fact, Hogan would probably be number 1 and I absolutely hate Hogan. Flair would be 1a/1b or 2. But that's just in regards to that part of the business.

As for top wrestlers and what they did for the business? You have to think Taker would be high on that list.

And another way to list it is most popular/best actual wrestler and guys like Stone Cold/HBK/etc. would be top.

Nonetheless, you see it's very hard to figure out what list to rank people.

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