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Originally Posted by Dojji View Post
How can you say that Thomas peaked at 35 when he only just got a serious change in the NHL at age 31? For all we know, if given a chance to work out at age 23, he would have peaked by age 27 which is the normal trajectory.
Well, its OT for this thread & Board so briefly, the guys' an outlier, Marches' to a different drummer as a lot of goalies do, and in a lot of cases they simply dont really peak until "middle player age" or even later in some cases. Generally speaking your quite correct, theres an "arc" or a pattern to "most" goaltenders careers, however, every now & again a guy like Tim Thomas comes along, doesnt really find his bearings until his late 20's or so, then Bang, shooting star for about 5yrs. Its one of the peculiarities of the sport, one of the things thats always interesting to witness happening when it occurs.

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