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Originally Posted by Dojji View Post
Is that what Western Canada calls a rivalry? Really? Perhaps it's because I'm right in the thick of the Eastern Corridor, but that sounds like really weak sauce to me.... If you're going to sell the league based on the laundry -- which is the best way to sell it -- then a strong history needs to be built quickly. Expansion built around favoring strong regional rivalries is the best way to make sure that happens.
Maybe you need to get out more then Dojji, travel, because I can tell you, theres nothing "weak" about the sauciness the fan bases from Montreal to Ottawa, Toronto to Winnipeg to Edmonton, Calgary to Vancouver extol upon one another. Usually pretty hot stuff, requiring a fair amount of libation to extinguish. Of course Boston & Montreal have a great rivalry going back to the late 60's & all through 70's with multiple Playoff tilts that are absolute classics. Rather unfair to compare one of the leagues Great Feuds to really any other clash, be it temporary or longer term. We live in an age of wall-wall information, technology & ease of access, wars are fought from long range, sports no different, regional proximities nowhere nearly as important as they were throughout the 20th & early part of the 21st Centuries.

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