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12-28-2012, 11:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Yes, good points, and I agree with most of it. Interesting dynamic in Winnipeg though that you might not be aware of; they do actually have a natural rival, that being Toronto. A history of enmity that goes back several decades actually. Heightened by such intransigences as Ballard (along with Montreal & and to a far far lesser extent Vancouver) trying to shut them out when Amalgamation with the WHA was being negotiated.

Just a sort of general contempt for the "Centre of the Universe" as many Western Canadians refer to central Canada & Toronto specifically. Additional rivalries did exist and will likely rise again with the Alberta teams; Ottawa & Montreal, Vancouver, Minnesota, perhaps Phoenix, Minnesota & Chicago, Detroit. Dont worry about Winnipeg, they love a good fight, no problem picking them either.

And ya, love to see Dallas vs. Houston, San Jose vs. Portland vs. Seattle vs. Vancouver & so on.
I suppose if a team ever wound up in Saskatoon it might make for a rivalry with Winnipeg. The problem is at this point at least Saskatoon just isn't big enough to support a major league team.

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