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12-28-2012, 11:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
I hate the NBA draft style, every so often you get a borderline playoff team fluke their way into the number 1 overall pick. Plus it makes tanking even more appealing, since you can have 10 teams all intentionally sucking and any one of them could end up drafting first.

The NHL lotto is much fairer IMO.
You think Carolina in 9th place, 3 points out, on March 20th, will tank to finish 10th, and miss millions in first round revenues, and still not have a guaranteed no. one overall. That's what you are saying. Don't think so.

What this proposal really means is:

1. That the bottom 3 teams in every conference no longer have as high a temptation to tank their last 10 games, thus almost guaranteeing the first overall. See Oilers, Edmonton.

2. The next 4 teams up can still fight for a PO spot, knowing if they just miss, they still have a chance at the number one.

It is an excellent proposal. Your argument is simply wrong. The NHL draft was rewarding intentional losing, and that has to end.

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