Thread: Value of: Sam Gagner and Ryan Whitney
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12-28-2012, 11:54 PM
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Originally Posted by victor View Post
You listed players, and I'm merely pointing out that the players cap hit is relevant.

Gagner might not be a great player, nor a 2nd liner, but if you look at his stats to his cap hit, he's an interesting player, to say the least.

As a 2nd liner, he seems to out perform many, and it appears he's been playing against 1st line defenders. Edmonton should keep him, now that they have a true #1 line, and see if his performance improves. If he's a 50-60 point player, is he better than many of the players on your list? If he's a $3.5m per year player while being a 50-60 point player (playing with Hemsky and Yakupov) does that mean he's an "acceptable" 2nd liner?
I simply named the top 2 centres on each team. Gagner could be a top 2 centre on Toronto, Calgary and Anaheim. That's it.

If he became a 55 point scorer, then he would be an OK 2nd liner. He has yet to top 50 points and he likely never will.

Very few teams are at the cap limit, so that's not a big deal. At any rate, teams aren't gonna trade their elite 2nd centre making 4.5 for a downgrade in Gagner making 3.5. Cap hit is not an issue.

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