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Originally Posted by Liferleafer View Post
I'll agree with most of your post, but the bolded is presumptuous. Some of those teams where probably calling to see if they could get him cheap.
Perhaps,but my presumption comes with the fact GMs were looking to acquire a very long contract on a 33 yr old player before they had any idea what the landscape was. It is a very large risk on their part. I'd assume they were willing to take that risk due to their desire to acquire said player. Not sure what teams were calling to get him cheap, we've never been given that indication by the media - except perhaps Burkie (wanting a cap dump included). But there were 5 other teams calling.

Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
The delay in the trade due to the CBA is affecting perception IMO. We are thinking like the season is still going on and Luongo has yet to move. Like there is difficulty in moving him. When really, GMs haven't been able to talk to each other about deals for a long time. So it's skewing the view on his value... something difficult to move must not have value etc...
Def agree with you on that. Impatience and inability to see the circumstances (lockout = no communication about players) are starting to get to people.

On a sidenote, NHLs agreed to buyouts not counting under cap (but under players share instead). I'm really interested to see whether Philly uses it on Bryz. I believe they want him off their team and payroll, wouldn't be surprised if they did. Also, LeBrun said the $60M cap isn't going to fly with the players. It's something they're willing to fight for. I'm guessing the cap will be around $63 or $64M for 2013-14 season - which would put Nucks in a good spot assuming they can trade Ballard.

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