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Originally Posted by No Fun Shogun View Post
Chicago could, in my opinion, easily sustain the return of a second NFL team and the creation of a second NBA team. Huge demand for both sports leftover and, even if they were permanent second fiddles to the Bears and Bulls, they'd still be lucrative second fiddles. Two is maxed out for MLB and one's just fine for the NHL, though.

L.A. often gets brought up as a home for possibly two NFL teams again, but let's see them sustain one before we toss another one at them. Stronger argument for a third area NBA team, say in Anaheim (where the Kings were interested in becoming the Royals again per rumor a year or two ago), but that might be stretching it.

And Toronto's obvious for the NHL. Not a question of if they could handle two NHL teams, but three or even four. Not so much for any other sport.

As for other markets.... dunno, not seeing anyone else, tbqh.
Fan support (and the rest) weren't the trouble in L.A.

We had the Rams drawing with better than average numbers but Ms Fonteirei(sp) decided to take Stl's money and move. She made more by doing so then she thought she could do in Anaheim but she ends up being wrong.

Al Davis wanted to be back in Oakland but couldn't get there easily (he had left under less than perfect circumstances). He thought that he had a shot at getting LA to upgrade/rebuild the Coll and when that didn't look like it was ever going to be a go in time he bolted.

I don't watch football (not US) anyways and might not have all of the details perfectly ironed out but supporting the franchises in as far as attracting and maintaining fan dollars wasn't the problem and doesn't remain on today.

The expansion of the Coll is what stands in the way. Once that is done then the NFL will have a place to play and I could see LA supporting two teams easily.

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