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12-29-2012, 12:45 AM
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The Rams attendance had dropped before Frontiere moved the team.

The Raiders were close to a stadium deal at Hollywood Park but the NFL wanted Al Davis to accept a second team as a co-tenant and he decided to go back to Oakland instead (at least thats what he claims in the documentary Straight Out of LA). If LA gets a football team it should be just one. I can see putting a 3rd NBA team in Anaheim, but if the Kings leave Sacramento I would rather see them go to Seattle.

I could see a second NBA team in Chicago, the best candidate would be the Bobcats with Jordan as the owner. They have not drawn well in Charlotte. They have talked about a second NFL team there for years. I am not sure if they plan to build another stadium or share Soldier Field. I remember the Cardinals kept denying rumors in the late 90s that they were considering moving back. I could see 2 more NHL teams in Southern Ontario (Markham and Hamilton). A third MLB team in NYC would work as well, they had 3 and almost got a 4th at one point.

Lastly I could see a second MLB team in Boston. There is enough demand if you put a NL team in Fenway. I remember talk of that being a temporary home for the Expos years ago.

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