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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
I have my doubts that any of Melchiori/Chiarot/Sol will ever sniff the NHL. Just do not see them as legitmate options going forward. Look at the trouble Redmond has had even getting close (he's still probably #9 on depth chart right now with his window closing fast), and he is considerably better than of those 3. I think Yuen has some potential, but those 3 are AHL fillers for their ELC's and then they'll be moving on, IMO. Not legitimate prospects unless one of them starts making some huge strides, very soon.
I agree but don't at the same time.

I think many (most) at HFBoards over do the expectations in the chances of reaching the show and ceilings (and I was doing that a bit in my point, merely to point out the considerable unlikelihood of Sol reaching the NHL even in easier circumstances). I think you're kind of over doing it in the other direction (albeit not as much as the former).

I still think Melchiori does have NHLer upside, but I understand he may not reach that upside. I know there are legitimate 3rd party scouts who agree with that, which I'm not meaning it validates my opinion as truth, but I'm dealing in possibilities here, not absolutes.

NHL defensemen aren't damned with a >year+ in AHL quite like forwards are and are a lot less predictable and linear. I also know I'm preaching to the choir and mostly wasting my time, as you know all this... But I'm bored...

Melchiori has the tools, as does Redmond and Postma (albeit all 3 bring different aspects of the game and 2 are more proven).
Postma lost a year due to lockout and is still doing solid pts/gp. Still looks like a 2nd/3rd pair tweener with 2nd PP.
Redmond is only 1 season out of a college career that far surpassed Stuart (PIM aside). He's more well rounded than Postma so he *may* not be needing sheltering and can do PK if he reaches the NHL.
Melchiori has offensively tracked on the low end for a defense prospect (albeit higher than Chairot, Sol, and Yuen relative to draft+ years) but his raw skills and defensive abilities had still placed him #3 for most lists on Jets defensive prospects (Postma and Kulda ahead) 2 seasons back and #4 after last season (Trouba being drafted as a high-end prospect to the #1 slot and Redmond passing with a great example of nonlinear development to take Kulda's spot behind Postma, as many are skeptical of Kulda's return to the Jets' (I know you and I are hoping he does)).

Blah blah blah. I know what you were saying but this filled the dead hours while my wife watched her show, which now has ended so I'm off byeee.

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