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Originally Posted by Tender Rip View Post
....which goes for all present, yes?
Obvious statement is obvious.

You can say it twelve and thirteen times also. It will usually be the case that a prospect with little/no NHL experience will be considered behind older players in the hierarchy. Unless they are truly prodigious, they won't be considered too good not to play until they actually are played.
It has little to do with age and everything to do with quality of play. Not sure what age has to do with anything.

And Despres' quality of play in the A was sorely lacking behind several other prospects, but he was the most impressive in the NHL.

Talent is not always linear between leagues.

Not that I disagree with you as such, mind. I don't.
But your argument just isn't a counter for those who feel that Morrow's skill-set by itself should earn him a trial by fire in the NHL.
Sure it is. There is no one on either roster who can do what he does on the PP. If you know of some hidden gem I don't, feel free to enlighten me.

If their PP struggles, there is no harm in giving him a shot to ignite it and show if he can play sheltered minutes.

There is virtually no difference between those saying that, and what you (and I) have been saying about Tangradi for a year except that Tangradi had less top6 depth to oust. Then again he wasn't given a chance there at all, which is our point.
Just because a player isn't given a chance to prove himself, doesn't make him incapable of playing in the NHL.

If Bort and Strait didn't get hurt, we would have many people still saying Despres isn't ready for the NHL, based on his play in the A.

In fact, we had several people insisting on that last season and now they have selective memory. I'm more than happy to admit I was wrong about Despres, but I didn't blast those who felt he was ready, unlike a couple of posters in this thread who aren't coming clean.

Just find it funny.

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