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12-29-2012, 12:57 AM
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Interesting conversation so far. I disagree with the argument that the CHL/North America in general is ruining Russian prospects. First off, the prospect whether highly touted or not should consider their goal, if their goal is to play in the NHL it is smart to come over to North America but not in all cases. This case is unique because this isn't warranted for all prospects but it does help some.

The NHL and KHL are both skilled leagues but are completely different in their own way. Highly touted prospects from Europe in general find it very difficult to transition from the KHL to the NHL. The speed, the hitting, lifestyle its not meant for everyone and it goes both ways as some NHL players are finding it difficult in the KHL as well. For players who do select the CHL, its good for young players to learn English and almost get a feel of an NHL like schedule. Practice/games/overall lifestyle in North America.

For example I am very familiar with the CHL. I try to keep an eye on all the leagues but primarily the OHL. European prospects such as Landeskog, Maata, Yakupov, Zadorov, Khokhlachev, Grigorenko, Zharkov, Kuptsov, Barbashev, Hyka, Ikonen to name a few. These players have all elevated their game to a different level and became accustomed with the North American game. Most notable for the last couple drafts (i.e Yakupov and Landeskog). Both had adapted and developed their game extremely well. Could they have done this is their own country? Quite possibly but this helped them gear their game towards the North American style of play. Understand that although they can play offense in order to transition in the NHL its all about becoming a two way type player.

I do agree with the notion that NHL should give the KHL or any European league some sort of compensation if a player is drafted out of that system. Not necessarily $200,000 as stated before, but at least based on the position of the player drafted, they should receive the same compensation as CHL teams.

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