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Originally Posted by quoipourquoi View Post
He was in 1997-98, the season he got injured at one of the Olympics he led in scoring while he was the NHL's scoring leader. The only reason he didn't finish second overall (in what would have been the second of three-consecutive 2nd place finishes) is because once his team was eliminated from playoff contention, he sat out the rest of the season with the injuries that had been nagging him (Craig Ludwig tagged him in the infamous Anaheim/Dallas game). He still finished the season as the leader in even-strength scoring, despite Jagr widening the gap overall and Forsberg, Gretzky, and company leapfrogging him.
I think this was the time when Jagr started to seperate himself from the rest of the pack. He outpointed Selanne by 16 points and his PPG was 1.32 while Selanne's was 1.18. Selanne was close, and he had other years like that in 1997 and 1999 but I think Dionne had more years like that and in those years he had a higher ceiling than Selanne. Selanne from 1996-'99 is not as good as Dionne from 1978-'81. Throw in the fact that Dionne has other years very close to those while Selanne doesn't really and I think we can see a clear seperation on career value, in my opinion

I love how you throw in "no Gold Medals" as if that counts for anything. He's Finnish. And Dionne's statistics at 35 (84 points; 17th) aren't more impressive than Selanne's at 35 (90 points; 13th), 36 (94 points; 11th), or 40 (80 points in 73 games; 8th).
I wouldn't get too hung up on it, we are talking about a small sample size of international play here. It isn't a dealbreaker in the Selanne vs. Dionne debate. Selanne did wonderful internationally, I won't deny that, but even someone who did better than him overall like Sundin who also captained a Gold Medal winning team (at Selanne's expense) isn't going to overtake a lot of his contemporaries because of his international pedigree. It helps, but it won't elevate Sundin over Sakic either, I am just saying.

And Selanne did have a nice resurgence, I included his point finishes in the chart I did a few posts up. It still falls well short of the offense Dionne brought to the table. The gap is just too big, Selanne was not quite in Marcel Dionne's neighbourhood as a player.

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