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12-29-2012, 02:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Tedi View Post
And it isn't the worst idea in the world but he shouldn't garner special consideration because of this. Katz has been so brazzen in his attempts to manipulate the province, the city and in general the fans of the Oilers that it fringes on being criminal. It is almost like the Katz group considers themselves to be above the law. They know the city and province is handcuffed by regulations specifically in place to avoid conflict of interest but it would seem they don't really think this applies to them. FTR I am not in the anti-Katz briggade but I do find the Katz group is using despicable tactic in this deal. FTR I also want a new downtown arena but if the city is to partner up with Katz both sides should benefit fairly.
You've read into this whole situation so heavily, judging by your tirade of hyperbole, that I can't even be sure that you're speaking of the same person here. Nothing you've said here has any merit and you lose credibility with this kind of stuff.

On one hand you're calling him a criminal akin to a mafia mobster, and then in the same breath claim you aren't "anti-Katz". You can't have your cake and eat it too. And FWIW, nothing Katz has done has ever been "despicable", besides offering a world-class arena district at little to no cost to the taxpayers of Edmonton. Real criminal of him.

I'm quite interested in hearing what you think Katz has done that is so deplorable. Asking the city to split a $12M funding shortfall per year? Using the CRL to leverage the additional $6M for the city, while taking his portion out of pocket? Going 50/50 on any infrastructure costs with the city, including LRT expansion and pedway construction? Contributing $100M, with $30M of that paid up front, to the construction of the arena?

Or are you talking about the trip to Seattle? To scope out a potential buyer for the Oilers should the city remain hostile?

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