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12-29-2012, 04:04 AM
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Spike TV Bringing Back The Joe Schmo Show

I loved the first 2 seasons of The Joe Schmo Show so I'm hoping that it can recapture some of that magic for Season 3. The first 2 episodes will air on Tuesday January 8th.


Spike TV has once again turned the tables on the reality show genre with "The Joe Schmo Show" The one-hour, 10-episode series features one real guy who believes he is on a new, over-the-top reality show looking for America's next bounty hunter, but is actually surrounded entirely by actors. His cast-mates are a motley crew of reality show clichés including Lorenzo Lamas, playing himself, who must do their best under these unusual circumstances to follow a pre-determined outline.

One of television's biggest and riskiest experiments once again looks to discover how would a reality contestant react to encountering a show filled with every outlandish element reality television has showcased. How far can producers push this 'reality,' and the ensuing ridiculous competitions? And of course, will the actors be convincing enough or will the unsuspecting "contestant" figure it all out?

Full story here:

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