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12-29-2012, 03:11 AM
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I don't get some people.
I can maybe see Seattle working.
But before any team is added anywhere in the USA another team in toronto and one in Quebec is needed.
Take the time drive here and get to know the NHL fans. It is not a leaf town. It is an
NHL fan. I had a discussion with my best friend about three months ago. We took 20 each of our closest friends outside of work(different group of friends) as well as many friends we knew at work and tallied up the percentage that were leaf fans. Our twenty closest friends were the friends that we are actually closest with. Poker, hockey buddies etc. We both live and work in the Toronto CMA. These fans include serious fans who watch on a regular basis and not just fans who are bandwagon jumpers that barely watch. between the 40 friends outside of work and 35 friends at work. My friend 20 best friends from leaside(toronto) where he grew up(most guys in thirties some teens etc). 8 were leaf fans and 12 were a mix. In Newmarket 6 are leaf fans and 14 are non fans. As for the 35 work friends. 12 were leaf fans and 23 were non leaf fans. 26 of 75 fans were leaf fans. Just over 33%. Although representing only a small number of hockey fans in Toronto it is pretty staggering. How many of those fans are fans like me that want to support a local team and don't want to support the leafs.

Balisille received 8,000 deposits for seasons tickets in one day and 12,000 in four days as well as all 80 luxury boxes in Hamilton. For **** sakes, what else to we need to prove anything. I do understand a team in Hamilton may affect buffalo as buffalo does rely on Niagara peninsula. But a team in peel region or kw woul definitely work.
Until that happens the NHL will not see another penny from me.
Get rid of a handful of teams including Phoenix and Miami and move them to The golden horseshoe and Quebec

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