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12-29-2012, 03:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Puckclektr View Post
And what the **** are people thinking by picking Atlanta again, kc, San Antonio, Vegas? Before Canada. Lol. Quebec and Toronto area.
Many cities hockey is a novelty that wears off over time or are only supported when they have a winning team. Pittsburgh had proven that. Look at their attendance history. If the ended up drafting muller instead of Lemieux they would be gone. If they didn't get Crosby they probably would have been gone.
Even Chicago. How bad was there attendance until they got good.
Columbus, nyi, Miami, Dallas, Phoenix. Etc.
Chicago is a poor example. They suffered predominantly due to Bill Wirtz's draconian marketing strategies and an idiotic belief television coverage was "unfair" to season ticket holders. His death and the near immediate changes to that philosophy are what gradually spun around the Hawks. Alas, I agree the majority of those markets would never work. Vegas is perhaps the intriguing exception, although too much of a gamble (pun intended.) The issue I see there is less to do with lacking a hockey interest and more with it being a tourist state. It could work, if only because no other major sport has made a go of it but considering the disaster of Phoenix. I dare say the NHL's bravery has been spent.

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