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Originally Posted by WingsFan95 View Post
NHL fans might bash me right now but I've accepted the fact hockey in North America is just not for everyone.

It's never going to be a universal sport because the obvious:

Requires separate skillset, skating+stick handling.
Requires a lot of equipment.
Requires a lot of prep (rink rental, etc)

I personally think the league should run in partners with Europe and that the world championship should be between an NA winner and Euro winner.

I think Canada could support 8-10 teams with a lower cap (not much lower though).

American could support 12 teams.
I would love an expansion to Europe and I think it would be good for business in N.A. too. To be fair, most hockey fans in Sweden do not care about NHL that much because SEL is the deal. Even if we live in a globalized world people like to cheer for the home town team even if it isn't in the foremost league. With a European conference this would change.

I think the US might have the teams the country can carry now, and Canada can for sure have say 4 more teams.

But both the increase of teams in Canada and with 100% certainty in the European case one need a lower cap.

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