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12-29-2012, 05:29 AM
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Originally Posted by sandysan View Post
So if the NHL told vinik he could move his team to markam ( which would be a money printing machine) he would pass? Really ? He wouldn't move to a brand new arena with a 10x larger market where he has to spend zero seconds growing the game? Why?
That depends on his present leasing agreement and the according penalties applied to relocating. Not to mention Hamilton is by no means a guaranteed "money printing machine." It could just as easily become Ottawa or worse given the relatively stiff competition for fan appeal.

Originally Posted by DuckNoire View Post
Personally I think 30 is just fine. I'd just move 1 or 2 teams to different locations. From what I gather, the obvious choices for new NHL venues would be Seattle and Quebec City. Moving PHX for now is out of the question as they have just got a new owner who will likely want the team to stay where they are.

I actually think California should move a team. They have 3 teams in a non-hockey market, 2 should more than suffice. Who to remove? No idea. I'm obviously bias as I am a Ducks fan. But legacy-wise it would make sense to move the Sharks. They have had no cup success in their history, so no hame done here.

As for the second team to be relocated I'd make a case for Florida. From what I gather they are stuggling anyway with getting people to come and watch hockey and they haven't been a dominating team at all for the last what, 15 years? Maybe a fresh start would be the best.
No offense but I am almost certain if a California team were relocated, itself unlikely, Anaheim is the one to go. Last I recall San Jose garnered superior profit and excluding their inaugural season, are among the most consistent teams in the league. Anaheim's only history is a cup win that did not vault their status in terms of fiscal value. And seeing Pittsburgh and Long Island's legacy has not prevented relocation talks at some point. Anaheim is unlikely to be any different. Bit moot though, as I doubt any of the three move.

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