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12-29-2012, 05:33 AM
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Originally Posted by bud12 View Post
just saw the fightcard of Mckee and it suck. No legit tough guy and the majority are way smaller than him. Dosn't seem to have big punching power neither, more of a "spin and throw". I would not bet on him if he fighted a guy like Mathers, Zweep or Noreau.
I am not the biggest fighting guy but McKee is legit. I have seen him in person once and a couple times overall, plus of course the highlights. He basically vice grips everyone he fights with his left hand with tons of power and then steers them into his right which can be devastating. You can check his fight card that is great but as far as juniors go he is one of the more impressive guys I have seen. He is a massive kid and flat out overpowers most people I have seen. You can doubt it, that is fine, I will admit it isn't my biggest area nor do I care a great deal about it.

What will make McKee is if he has enough puck skills or development skating wise where he is pretty good for a guy his size to crack the show. But his hand power is very impressive and his intimidation level is very high. Not many people want to go with big Mike and he will go with anyone. Time will tell, but I think dismissing his fighting skills is a mistake. He has that part of the game and he has elite potential there and clearly enjoys that aspect of the game.

You can't really ask for more out of him than fighting the guys he can. He downs them pretty regularly. His right might not be as huge as some guys prefered hand, but one thing you can say about almost all of his fights is he dictates how it will go. He controls the leverage, so in that sense it will be unusual to see him get hit with bombs and that comes from like I said the power with which he controls guys with his non-throwing hand. Like I said it will be interesting to see where he goes as far as this end but it is a long ways off, he will spend all four years at Western more than likely. So we are talking five years out, but the power I have seen is elite and should not be dismissed, plus he has the attitude most want out of a true enforcer.

The spin and throw you're pointing out is because he likes to do that, he controls his fights and ragdolls the guys. Pulling them in quickly and knocking off balance. That is his choice and his style, it will probably have to change a bit, but while it makes it a little harder to evaluate just keep in mind that is him dicatating the terms of the fight to what he likes. Plus I don't know what you watched but he has tangled with a lot of the only guys that match him size wise in that league. Part of what Newfy and I are getting at is very few do. When people started to get excited is when he handed it to 6'3" plus guys or people that should be considered near his weight class or height. There are very few guys not already playing pro hockey that you are going to pull up a clip of and think, wow this guy isn't fighting a smaller person. That is because he is that big already.

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