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12-29-2012, 06:28 AM
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Originally Posted by CharaTriedToEatMe View Post
He wanted to win.

After the penalties he did what he had to do to even the calls.

Guys bend the rules in the heat of the moment to win games. Not a big deal. Looks like Hamilton did a good job in picking his spot to dive since it paid off.

Lots of people on this board love to get on their high horse though, and all of them probably hate Marchand despite him being our best player against Vancouver since he is a little ball of hate sent from heaven just to troll the Vancouver Canucks any NHL team that got Brad Marchand would have had the perfect player for a 7 game series against that team of creeps all of whom are worse.

Any Canadian hating on Dougie for this is just a jelly habs or leafs fan anyways.

Thorton dives more than any Bruin despite being a 4th liner I expect some hate and vitriol towards him from the diving haters (not going to happen though is it he gets a pass of course from you all.)
Thornton dives more than any Bruin?? Ahem, calling Mr. Marchand, Mr.Brad Marchand.

There isn`t one player who hasn`t, at one time or another, embellished, to say Thornton dives more than any Bruin isn`t close to being accurate. I often think that one of the Bruins "downfalls" is the fact that they play the game right, they rarely lie down and act as though they`ve been shot after a hit like so many opponents do, which often takes a potential PP off the table......

....of course, the B`s PP has been so underwhelming for a long time now, not a bad thing

Sorry, totally disagree on the Thornton thing

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