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12-29-2012, 08:00 AM
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Originally Posted by The Last Baron View Post

As much as I dislike Cena's currently character, this is completely off base.

He IS at the level of a Rock, Austin, and Flair simply because he's been pushing merch CONSISTENTLY and has been the main draw since 2005 - a feat neither Rock nor Austin accomplished (staying power).

WWE would be on life support right now if it wasn't for Cena. This forum needs to look past its blind hatred of Cena and view this objectively from a business standpoint. Hell, Cena get significant amounts of applause AND boos everywhere he goes - some of the IWC darlings can't even pull off decent reactions.
Except when Austin and Rock got stale, Raw's ratings would drop to like a 5. When Cena is at his most popular, Raw's ratings are at a 4 at best. Cena is staying with his base, but with no one else.

Cena's merch sales are impressive, but his personal success isn't carrying over to the promotion as a whole and that's what you get with a Flair or Hogan. Austin brought WWF's ratings up, Cena's been on top as the ratings declined.

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