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12-29-2012, 08:51 AM
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Originally Posted by ps241 View Post
The big problem on the main board is the too many of the posters are "their prospect 1st" Canada 2nd fans. Sadly when Mark won the player of the game today he became a target. Mark had a very gutty performance and a tough day and produced on the score sheet.
I can actually identify myself with that. I am probably more excited to see Trouba and Mark play than I am to see the Swedish team play (don't get me wrong, if Trouba and Mark play well, I'm still perfectly happy seeing their team lose. I'm not happy if the Swedish team loses).

I think the problem is that people are looking for faults in players, instead of just cheering more on their own team's prospects. If a player makes a mistake (and let's be honest here, it's the Juniors, EVERYONE will make a blatant mistake or two), people starts looking more closely at that player, and will start complaining about everything. I think that's what happens and will continue to happen with Mark now that he was PotG for Canada. He will probably continue to fall down, and people will start complaining that he sucks.

Same thing with Trouba. He has a fairly aggressive style for being a defensive d-man, which unfortunately mean that he will lose coverage going for the hit once in a while. People will see that, and complain. He also isn't the optimal PPQB at this point, which means he will lose the puck or make a bad decision on the blueline once in a while. And people who already is watching him more closely, looking for mistakes, will see this and complain some more.

I actually (patting my own back) think I'm fairly objective towards other players. I am VERY biased when it comes to Mark's and Jacob's performances, but I don't look for faults in other players just because they're not my team's prospects. Atleast I would like to believe that I don't!

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